Design and Build

Worktops, Sinks and Materials Used to Design and Manufacture Laboratories

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used in laboratories where high acid resistance is required. Ceramic tiled worktop and sinks gives the laboratory a traditional appearance.

Height Adjustable Lab Stools

Constructed from mild steel tubes, powder coated to client's choice of colour and fixed feet with rubber. Slightly dished 30mm thick plywood seat or cushion seat. Adjustable height from 450mm to 600mm.

Stainless Steel

Tough applications require materials like stainless steel. Worktops can be made of grade SS 304 or SS 316 with mirror finish or brush finish, as per the application and requirements.Sinks of same grade and finish are used with stainless steel worktops.

Service Fittings

We offer a large variety of service fittings. All service fittings are made by reputed manufacturers and conform to international standards. The services can be assessed at the workspace by using different Service Channel Systems. These systems are selected to match the bench construction, the type of service, space availability and easy access.

Safety Systems

Our prime concern for any laboratory design is safety. Depending on the design of the laboratory. ideallab suggest suitable safety fixtures such as : Eyewashes, Emergency showers, Sensor/ Alarm systems, etc.


  •   Balance table
  •   Drip Rack
  •   Plaster trap
  •   Trolleys
  •   Pullout cupboards
  •   Acid storage cabinets
  •   Dangerous Drug cabinet
  •   Ventilated Storage/ Solvent Storage
  •   Gravity shelves/ Drawers/ Bottle Rack
  •   Cylinder storage cabinets

Stainless Steel

These worktops are used in areas such as material testing and areas of tough applications like concrete testing and many a soil testing labs.

Sinks & Drip Cups

Sinks and drip cups are available in various material and sizes. They are available in following materials and are used in accordance to the worktop material.

Epoxy Sinks & Drip Cups

Used along with Epoxy & Phenolic tops.

Polipropelene Sink & Drip Cup

Used along with Epoxy, Phenolic & Polypropylene worktops

Acrylic Sink & Drip Cup

Used along with Acrylic solid surface worktops

Stainless Steel Sink & Drip Cup

Used along with Stainless steel, Epoxy, Phenolic and Acrylic worktops.

Ceramic Sink & Drip Cup

Used along with ceramic tile worktops.

Service Fittings

ideallab provides a large variety of service fittings manufactured by dedicated and reputed manufacturers that conform to International standards as required. Special fittings are available for certain procedural laboratories as required like the splash proof and explosion proof fittings. The services are positioned and placed to best suit the operators accessibility and convenience. They can be suspended, benchmounted or service rack/box mounted.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin are generally used in wet laboratories where highly corrosive chemical tests are performed. They are hard, durable and possess excellent resistance to most of the chemicals.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used in laboratories where highly corrosive chemicals are used. Though not extensively used in recent times due to difficulty in application and handling.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin tops are also feature good chemical resistance. They can be made available in square polished or radiused edges. They are available in 16mm thickness in black and suitable colours.


Polypropelene worktops are most convenient solution for laboratories wherein acid resistance is of prime concern. However these surfaces cannot be subjected to high temperatures.

Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Where aesthetics & hygiene are of great concern Acrylic solid surface must be used, preferably in a micro biology lab and wherever micro organism or body fluids are being dealt with.

Melamine Laminated Plywood

Melamine laminated Plywood are the most economical solution for less acid resistant worktops. These tops can be used in areas where dry chemistry is performed like Instrumentation laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Electronic laboratories, etc.

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