We at ideallab enterprises are known for our prowess in designing and manufacturing of laboratary furniture . We are also specialised in manufacturing of chemical fume containment systems, storage systems for chemicals and supply of chemical resistant floorings. We also supply lab consumables, educational aids, chemicals & bacteriological culture medias. Our main clientele are educational laboratories, industrial laboratories, food and environmental laboratories, petrochemical laboratories, material testing laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories. We also build mobile laboratories for site applications.

Greater efficiency and motivation of your technicians are of paramount importance to us. We help them meet high standards by optimising the work environment with ergonomical furniture and design of your work station.

Ideallab system is built with cutting edge technology and optimum quality materials to best suit the type of procedures conducted. We develop solutions with the end user in mind and with their suggestions and ideas considered as of paramount importance in our progress towards achievement of a complete laboratory furnishing provider, tailor made to the needs and budget of the user.

Areas of Interest

We understand the importance of designing and delivering the right solutions for the constantly changing needs of laboratories. We strive to develop cost effective solutions for laboratory furnishing without compromising on quality, safety & perfomance. And we offer solutions for wide range of lab furnishing needs in the Industrial, Educational, Medical, Research and general sectors.

More specifically for::

1) Laboratories

Educational laboratories, Industrial laboratories, Food & Environment laboratories, Petro chemical laboratories, Material testing laboratories and dental laboratories.

2) Mobile Units

Mobile laboratories for site applications

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